Partner with the Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Interested in entering into a partnership with the SLI? Options include:

  • Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding that provides SLI membership to your organization’s members, the ability to offer quarterly webinars, etc.
  • Working together on a specific project that benefits the SLI and your organization in promoting climate action work in local communities
  • Creating original content together for the members of the SLI and your organization

Our partnerships with organizations tend to involve cross-promotion and collaboration of educational programs or initiatives. Because our resources are limited and focused on serving our mission, your partnership must not require extensive assistance from SLI staff or the Advisory Board.

Fill out our Non-Profit Partnership interest form below. After you have submitted the form, the SLI Advisory Board’s Partnerships and Events Committee will share your proposal with the full Advisory Board. This is the first step to planning a meeting to discuss ways to work together.

Have a benefit in mind that doesn’t align with what we’ve listed here? Reach out to the SLI office at  We’d love to hear your creative ideas for a mutually-beneficial experience!