Sponsor the Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Corporations and businesses that share in our belief of making communities more environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible are invited to join our work by sponsoring the collective work of libraries and librarians in the SLI’s award winning Sustainable Library Certification Program, as well as helping us spread the word nationally and regionally through booth and program sponsorship opportunities. Your annual contribution will help libraries and librarians do more with more, not less. Initiatives include:

  • Low- or no-cost professional development opportunities that ensure that all library workers have the skills and knowledge they need to make incremental changes to support a resilient community..

  • Access to the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program (SLCP), a comprehensive program for public, academic and school libraries that offers further guidance and support to help become certified as sustainable.

  • Targeted grants and scholarship programs that provide much-needed financial support that allows our members to focus on maximizing the impact of their work within their communities.

The SLI selects sponsors that follow the triple-bottom line definition of sustainability and align with our mission and strategic plan. SLI does not endorse individual organizations, products or services.

Each of our three annual sponsorship tiers provides your company with additional opportunities for year-round brand visibility and interaction with the more than 200 members of the SLI. You will also receive increased visibility and networking opportunities when we exhibit or speak at regional, national, and international conferences, which draws both members and nonmembers.

Your company's contributions demonstrate a dedication to employees who align with the same values as the initiative, thereby enhancing your company culture and fostering staff loyalty. This presents an opportunity to contribute to something larger while maintaining a focus on your product—a chance to make a positive impact.

Have a benefit in mind that doesn’t align with what we’ve listed here? Reach out to the SLI office at sliadmin@suffolknet.org

We’d love to hear your creative ideas for a mutually-beneficial experience!

Fill out our Sponsorship Application below. After you have submitted the form, the SLI Advisory Board’s Partnerships and Events Committee will share your proposal with the full Advisory Board. This is the first step to planning a meeting to discuss ways to work together.

Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Tiers
Sponsorship Application
Tell us about your organization and why you feel a sponsorship with the SLI will be beneficial to both entities 
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Share the mission statement for your organization
How does your organization fit in with the SLI Mission? Has your organization worked with libraries before?
How is your organization's business model contributing to SDG 13-Climate Action? Explain 
Describe the benefit your organization will contribute to the SLI.
Describe the benefit the SLI can contribute to your organization.
Has your organization previously sponsored library related activities or programs?
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