CO2 Emissions Calculator and Emissions Equivalents

Collect energy, fuel, mileage and water usage data for the past two years, such as:

  • Electricity (kWh)
  • Fuel Oil (gallons)
  • Natural Gas (therms) 
  • LP Gas (gallons) 
  • Fleet Gasoline (gallons) 
  • Fleet Diesel (gallons)
  • Commuter Travel; vehicle, bus, train (miles)
  • Business Travel; vehicle, bus, train, air (miles)
  • Water (gallons).

Input this data into the Notes field. Tracking this information from here on out will be critical to the data storytelling that is necessary to motivate staff that what they are doing is making a difference.

Calculator for audit herePrint calculations when done, calculator will not save your work.

We suggest doing this process annually and determining year after year to change in CO2 emissions. Investigate what the CO2 emissions equivalents from the library's electricity consumption means in everyday terms. 

Investigate equivalencies here.