Congratulations, Claire Mitchell for your achievement of being the first elementary school Teacher-Librarian to be Certified Sustainable!

Published on August 14, 2023

For Immediate Release
August 14, 2023

                                     Claire Mitchell, Fairfield Elementary School's Library Teacher-Librarian is Certified Sustainable
                                        The Sustainable Libraries Initiative has recognized Claire Mitchell as a leader in sustainability.

Suffolk County, NY - August 14, 2023 - This past May, Claire Mitchell, Teacher-Librarian at the Fairfield Elementary School of the Massapequa Union Free School District, in Massapequa, NY has been certified through the award-winning Sustainable Libraries Certification Program. Claire is the first elementary school Teacher-Librarian to be certified through this program.

Claire’s mentor while going through the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program, Dr. Jen Cannell offered the following statement about Claire’s achievement:

“Claire has shown her dedication to sustainability work from the moment I met her. She has been thoughtful in her approach to the certification process and has brought others along for the journey. Through her invitational approach, she has built a network of colleagues who are working together to ensure a more sustainable future.”

The comprehensive Sustainable Libraries Certification Program for School Librarians requires each member to work through five categories: Community Involvement, Leading Beyond the Library, Social Equity and Resiliency, Standards and Curriculum, and Collections. These categories all cover aspects of the key elements of the Triple Bottom Line of sustainability adopted by the Sustainable Libraries Initiative; environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable. Program members work through both required and recommended actions to identify areas that are most beneficial to their libraries and that best tell their stories of sustainability practices.

Throughout her journey it is clear that Claire was truly focused on the impact her work would have on her students. She increased students' engagement through Makerspace recycling activities, expanded the library program curriculum to include topics related to sustainability and environmental stewardship, and maintains a diverse collection of books and digital resources to ensure the principles of social equity and resilience. Claire has impressively created tangible ways for students to see the real-world impact they are making on the environment and the world.

Going through the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program, Claire reflects, has been an educational process not only for her but for her colleagues and community. She demonstrates a deep understanding of what it means to be a certified sustainable librarian and continues to implement sustainable practices into the program to teach her students how to make informed sustainable decisions for the rest of their lives. Her work is truly remarkable, which has gained her much deserved recognition for her many achievements.

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