Congratulations, Paula Michalak!

Published on May 4, 2022

May 4, 2022

The Sustainable Libraries Initiative is celebrating the certification of our second School Librarian, Paula Michalak. Paula is the District Librarian at the Silver Creek Central School District in Silver Lake, NY.

Paula Michalak holds her Sustainable Library Certification Program Certificate


Highlights from Paula's certification work include coordinating with teachers throughout the school district to build a consistent, continuous, and interdisciplinary approach to student research skills that build as the students advance from kindergarten to grade 12. She has worked on numerous committees and leadership teams in her district, advocating for the library as a vital partner in the school and community. She established a community internship program that has provided high school students with hands-on opportunities to experience careers in a variety of local industries. 

Read more about the phenomenal work that Paula has done in the Sustainable Libraries Initiative May 2022 Newsletter and Press Release

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