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Published on March 23, 2022

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March 23,2022


Sustainable Libraries Initiative Releases Updated ‘Road Map to Sustainability’ Mobile App with Support From OCLC

A new Sustainable Libraries Initiative Road Map to Sustainability App is available for Android and iOS.


Suffolk County, NY – March 23, 2022 -- With support from OCLC, the Sustainable Libraries Initiative has released an updated, mobile app version of their ‘Road Map to Sustainability’ for Android and iOS users. This mobile app is a portable, interactive version of their award-winning ‘Roadmap to Sustainability’ that has been recognized by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions through their “Green Library” award. This was the first project from a library in the United States to receive such a distinction. The Sustainable Libraries Initiative’s ‘Road Map to Sustainability’ is a guided journal to help library leaders envision how their organization can use the concepts of triple bottom line sustainability to inspire change within their library and become leaders in their community.


The Sustainable Libraries Initiative is a member driven organization that seeks to catalyze library leaders to become sustainability leaders in their communities. Chief Executive Officer of Hauppauge Public Library and Co-founder of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative, Matthew Bollerman states;


“The Sustainable Libraries Initiative is working to change the mindset of librarians, library workers and volunteers to understand the forces of change we are faced with. Partnering with OCLC allows us to offer our introduction Road Map to more people in a format they are used to, their mobile device. Their help is key to helping our story reach more people faster.”


The ‘Road Map to Sustainability’ mobile app was developed by OCLC at no charge to the Sustainable Libraries Initiative. All development time was donated, enabling this app to be made available to users free of charge. In 2021, the OCLC Global Council set its area of focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Assisting the Sustainable Libraries Initiative on this project aligned well with this focus.

“OCLC’s values are aligned with the goals of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative to achieve sustainability through commitments to environmental stewardship, economic feasibility, and social equity,” said Chip Nilges, OCLC Vice President, Business Development. “We are delighted to support this initiative to inspire and help keep libraries on a path to sustainability.”

The Sustainable Libraries Initiative offers membership opportunities and a one of a kind Sustainable Library Certification Program open to public libraries nationwide and school librarians in New York State. An Academic Library Certification Program will be open for enrollment later this year. The Membership and Certification Programs foster connections with other like-minded library leaders throughout the United States. The step-by-step Certification Program is a resource rich, in-depth plan of action to guide libraries through categories such as Energy, Materials, Social Cohesion, and Resilience Planning that align with the triple bottom line definition of sustainability. Ten public libraries have been certified through this program, demonstrating leadership and impact in their libraries and reinforcing the important role that libraries have in the resiliency of their communities.

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For more information, see the Sustainable Libraries Initiative website ( or contact:

Annemarie Gordon, Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Suffolk Cooperative Library System

631-286-1600 x1355

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