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Certification Presentations

Suffolk Cooperative Library System's Certification Presentation

The Suffolk Cooperative Library System strives to minimize their organizations impact and maximize future generations’ ability to live, work, and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. SCLS is fully committed to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship.
Certification Presentations

Mamakating Library Certification Presentation

The Mamakating Library's certification presentation showcases this commitment in a number of ways including implementing a leak detection plan, pollinator gardens, hosting voter registration events, installing photosensitive lighting outside, storing documents on cloud based servers, and partnering with numerous for and non-profit organizations.
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Libraries for Health and Wellbeing: A Strategic Framework

Certification Presentations

Harborfields Public Library Certification Presentation

Harborfields Public Library Certification Presentation. They began working towards certification through the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program in September 2021 and since then have promoted sustainable thinking and taken action to effect change both inside their building and in their community.


"I truly think that going through the SLI process as a new director has helped me to understand so many aspects of my job as it relates to my staff, my building, my community, and the relations among all of those things. I came into this job at a library that hadn't had a director for a few months; I had to figure a lot out as I went along. Working through the SLI process with our committee gave me small, manageable goals and allowed me to explore so many areas that I didn't have previous experience with.