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San Diego County Library Certification Presentation

With 33 branches and over 300 library staff, the San Diego County Library take their commitment to environmentally friendly practices to the next level by taking a thorough approach through both adaptive and mitigative measures. As the largest public library to complete the Sustainable Library Certification Program see how they've ensured that their services are accessible everyone living in this diverse community.
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Concord Free Public Library Certification Presentation

View the great work done by the staff of this beautiful Massachusetts library. Going through three generations of Green Teams shows just how dedicated this library and staff are to living the Triple-Bottom Line definition of Sustainability. By stepping outside of existing duties, working with different departments, have new ideas heard, generated a level of excitement and engagement throughout their organization. 

Certification Presentations

Elwood Public Library Certification Presentation

Elwood Public Library is a perfect example of showing how much you can do even as a small library and how rallying staff together behind a common cause can make a big impact on your community. From recycling to civic-minded services, to engaging events that support local businesses and organizations - their commitment to promoting sustainabile practices is evident.
Certification Presentations

Kinderhook Memorial Library Certification Presentation

The Kinderhook Memorial Library were already in a good and progressive place prior to joining the SLCP. By joining the SLI's community of practice and having to complete tasks that furthered their understanding, thinking, and progress. They are fully prepared to continue the SLI practices, recognizing this is only the beginning, and they are ready to further evolve their library and community,
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An Introduction to Your Sustainable Libraries Membership

During this webinar will introduce the Sustainable Libraries Initiative and the members-only resources you have access to for the coming year as a member of one of the SLI's affiliated state library associations including: Iowa Library Association (ILA), Massachusetts Library Association (MLA), New Jersey Library Association (NJLA), or the New York Library Association (NYLA)
Webinars & Trainings

An Introduction to the Sustainable Library Certification Program

During this webinar, you will learn more about the certification program and hear from a panel of speakers from libraries that have completed the Sustainable Library Certification Program (SLCP).
Certification Presentations

Copiague Memorial Public Library Certification Presentation

Located on the south shore of Long Island, NY, the Copiague Memorial Public Library is committed to promoting a sustainable, resilient and equitable community for its residents. This presentation is a great example of how the library has embraced its position in the community as a leader in providing education and awareness of environmentally sound practices through services and projects that promote the principles of the Triple Bottom Line definiton of sustainability.
Certification Presentations

South Country Library Certification Presentation

With a staff dedicated to commit to being a sustainable workplace, the South Country Library sets a great example with sustainable practices ingrained into their library culture through library policies and the actions of their staff on a daily basis. They're committed to promoting sustainable solutions both inside and outside their facility. Their final presentation serves as a great example of things public libraries can do daily to align their practices with the Triple Bottom Line definition of sustainability.
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