Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Resources

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Strategic Planning Resources from speaker, Ron Kirsop

Strategic plan examples from Sustainable Library Certification Program members:

Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library's Strategic Plan and their Vision Statement (below) is a great example of communicating their goal of building connections and creating an organization that is responsive and sustainable.

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Lindenhurst Memorial Library also includes sustainability and the "Triple Bottom Line" term with the definition in their strategic plan. They have embedded this ideal into their practices and are communicating this to their community, informing them of this broader definition of sustainability in the process. 

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Hendrik Hudson Free Library Sustainability Plan is another great example. In name, it is a Sustainability Plan, but reading through, there are many similiarities with a more traditionally titled Strategic Plan.

Saratoga Springs Public Library Strategic Plan This strategic plan lists sustainability as the top item on their list of Values:

Image from Saratoga Springs Public Library's Strategic Plan showing their top value of sustainability.

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Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, Maine has a comprehensive Strategic Plan that includes a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, a list of ALA's Core Values of Librarianship, which includes sustainability, and a strong cornerstone statement: "Curtis Memorial Library strives to enrich the quality of life in Brunswick by: building community, advocating for reading, championing social justice and digital equity and promoting sustainability." They also detail why these goals have been identified and how the library intends to act to address them. They also have a webpage detailing their sustainability goals and practices.


Park City Public Library's Guiding Principles lists the goal of establishing a Sustainability Center for their community.

Park City Public Library Strategic plan


An excellent example of a Sustainability Plan can be found in Concord Free Public Library Corporation's Sustainability Plan. This plan broadcast's their committment to sustainability and details how the will work to align their practices with the triple bottom line. They also go into detail about their process of creating the plan, which included many community conversations and collaboration from partners.

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There are also some great examples that we have found from libraries across the country that are not currently involved in the Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Cranston Public Library's Strategic Plan emphasizes increasing environmental sustainability under their theme of planning for the future.


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Massachusetts Library System's Strategic Planning LibGuide has a collection of resources and examples of library strategic plans.